Baby Yoda Grogu

The cutest hero in the series Star Wars Mandalorets left no one indifferent. To all crochet lovers, I propose to create your adorable Baby Yoda Grogu in just one hour.

6.5 centimeters tall using similar yarn – suitable for using amigurumi toys as a keychain.

Essential crochet tools and materials:

  • YarnArt Jeans: green (# 69), beige (# 05) and brown (# 40) colors.
  • Eyes, any at your discretion, I have simple half beads that are glued with a glue gun.
  • Fiberfill or stuffing.
  • Hook 1.75 mm.
  • Yarn needle.
  • Pinkish chalk or pastel (optional).


  • MR — magic ring ;
  • ch — chain;
  • sc — single crochet;
  • Ʌ — decrease (sc 2 together);
  • V — increase (2 sc in one st);
  • BLO — back loop only;
  • ( ) — repeat work between parentheses as indicated.

Note: All pieces, unless otherwise is indicated, are crocheted in spiral rounds.



Start with the green color yarn. Do not stuff the arms.

1: 5 sc in MR = 5.

2: 5 sc.
Change to beige yarn.

3: (V) rep 5 times = 10.
4: sc, (Ʌ ,sc) rep 3 times = 7 .
5, Ʌ, 5 sc = 6.
6: fold the arm and grabbing only the strands from inside make 3 sc, both sides together to close

Crochet the 3rd row with single crochet (see photo).

Insert the hook between the second and third row, and pull the hook over the third row
Hook the yarn and pull it out. There must be two loops on the hook
Grab the yarn and stretch it through both loops
ARMS of baby Yoda.


Start with the beige color yarn.

Make 3 ch + ch= 4.
1:  2 sc in the second stitch from the hook, sc, 3 sc in last stitch, sc on the back of the chain, sc in first ch = 8.

2: (sc, V) rep 4 times = 12.
3: (sc, V, 3 sc, V) rep 2 times = 16.

crochet chart of the lower body (1-3 rows).

4: BLO 1 sc in each stitch around = 16.

5-7: 16 sc (3 rows).
8: (Ʌ, 6 sc) rep 2 times = 14.
9: (Ʌ, 5 sc) rep 2 times = 12.
10: (2 sc, Ʌ) rep 3 times = 9.

Change to the green color yarn.

11: (V) rep 9 times = 18.
12: (2 sc, V) rep 6 times = 24.
13-17: 24 sc (5 rows).
18: (2 sc, Ʌ) rep 6 times = 18.

Stuff the piece.
19: (sc, Ʌ) rep 6 times = 12.
20: (Ʌ) rep 6 times = 6.

Cut the yarn and fasten off. Tighten the loops. Hide yarn tail inside the body.

Ears (MAKE 2)

Crochet with the green color yarn. Do not stuff the ears.

1: 5 sc in MR.
2: 5 sc.
3: V, 5 sc = 6.
4: (V) rep 2 times , 3 sc, V = 9.
5: V, 7 sc, V = 11.
6: V, 10 sc = 12.
7: 12 sc.

Cut the yarn and fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing.


Crochet with the beige color yarn.

Make 23 ch + 1 ch.
1: 2 sc in the second stitch from the hook , 21 sc, 2 sc in last stitch = 25.

2: turn, ch, V, 23 sc, V = 27. Cut the yarn and fasten off.


Crochet with the brown color yarn.

1: 6 sc in MR.

2: (sc, V) rep 3 times = 9.

3: BLO 1  sc in each stitch around = 9.

4-5: 9 sc (2 rows). Cut the yarn and fasten off.


Sew arms with a movable method, between 9 and 10 rows.

Sew ears on 13-17 rows.

To fix the collar: wrap the collar around, so that the ends of the funnel overlap each other (overlap about 2 cm.). Now it’s enough to make a couple of stitches through the two ends of the collar (it’s better not to do it at the very edge, but about 1 cm from the edge).

Glue the eyes between 14 and 15 rows.

With a green thread, sew a small stitch between 13 and 14 side by rows.

Use pinkish chalk or pastel to color the ears.

If you have any problems crocheting, please contact me through the feedback form or leave a comment on the article.

Share photos of your crocheted baby Yoda.

My Intagram @zenknit_toys.

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    1. Hello. We start to crochet the body from the bottom, in the beginning we do 4 ch (=3+1). Head and body Crochet as one piece.

    1. Baby Yoda sipping tea or drinking soup from his brown cup is the meme the internet loves (Mandalorian, Episode 4, Baby Yoda Cute Scene). You can fix the cup between the arms with a separate piece of yarn.

  1. this is incomplete .. doesn’t tell ya when to stuff ( obviously before you close up, but it should state to stuff before closing each pc instead of just saying to close. do the arms get stuffed? and do you slip stitch each round before starting a new row / round ? i’m using embroidery thread and my arms based on the rounds are looking very small / not as long as the ones in the pics. . almost feel like they need a extra round . obviously mine will be much smaller compared to the pattern since im not using a yarn but …

    1. Hello Monica, thank you a lot for your feedback! I agree, I need to add information about stuffing. Do not need stuff arms. Only the body is stuffed. This toy is crocheted in spiral rounds (without slip stitch and ch). After crocheting arms we crocheted cuffs (this is shown in the photos in Arms section). . Yes, I agree, it will be more clear in the video…. In a few days I will try to record a short video about crocheting and fixing arms. Thanks!

  2. The picture for the arms , way too tiny to see well, and can’t read charts so I don’t know how to do the body, why is the body a chart, when no other part of the pattern is, very upsetting for this old lady!

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