3D Star

A crochet star is a cute decor for a Christmas tree. The volumetric star can be used as a key fob or as an element of a mobile. Such a Christmas tree toy is crochet very quickly and easily, even a beginner can handle it.

How to crochet a simple star

Materials and tools for crocheting:

  • 4-ply yarn: I use YarnArt Jeans (8 gramm).
  • Hook size 2 mm. 
  • Needle for sewing on details, scissors.
  • Polyester stuffing.


  • MR —  magic ring
  • sc — single crochet
  • slst — slip stitch
  • inc — increase, crochet 2 sc in one stitch
  • dec — decrease, crochet 2 sc together
  • ch — chain stitch


The star is crochet in back-and-forth-rows, so at the beginning of each row you need to make an ch and turn, unless otherwise indicated.

1: Make 2 ch, in the second ch crochet 2 sc.

2:  ch, turn, 2 inc = 4.

3: 4 sc.

4: inc, 2 sc, inc = 6.

5: 6 sc.

6: inc, 4 sc, inc = 8. Cut the yarn and fasten off.

7: make 8 ch, crochet 8 sc on the piece, meke 9 ch (keep the sequence of the front and back rows, see photo below)

8: turn, from the second ch crochet 24 sc.

9: dec, 20 sc, dec = 22.

10: dec, 18 sc, dec = 20.

11: dec, 16 sc, dec = 18.

12: dec, 14 sc, dec = 16.

13: dec, 12 sc, dec = 14.

14: dec, 10 sc, dec = 12.

15: inc, 10 sc, inc = 14.

16: inc, 12 sc, inc = 16.

17: 16 sc.

18: inc, 14 sc, inc = 18.

Crochet the ray of the star:

19: ch, turn, 7 sc, dec = 8.

20: ch, turn, skip 1 sc, 6 sc, inc = 8.

21: ch, turn, 4 sc, dec, slst  = 6 (1 sc do not crochet)

22: ch, turn, skip 1 slst , 4 sc, inc. Cut the yarn and fasten off.

Crochet the last ray of the star:

19: join the yarn in the middle of the 18th row, as shown in the photo below. Starting from the same sc in which the yarn was attached, crochet: dec, 7 sc = 8.

20: ch, turn, inc 5 sc, dec = 8.

21: ch, turn, skip 1 sc , slst, dec, 4 sc  = 6.

22: ch, turn, inc 4 sc, slst. Cut the yarn and fasten off.

Crochet the second piece in exactly the same way.


Place both pieces together. Begin joining the two pieces with sc, and as you crochet, hide the ends of the yarn into the toy.

Crochet 3 sc at the tops of the rays.

Loop: reaching the middle of the upper ray make the chain of ch (I make 30 ch) and make slst into the first loop of the chain.

Continue crocheting until half of the last ray. Fill the toy through the hole.

Close the hole with sc, make slst, fasten off and cut the yarn, hide the end of the yarn inside the toy.

How to crochet a simple star

Congratulations! The Star is ready!

I will be glad to see your work  When you post finished toys on Instagramgive a link to my profile @zenknit_toys, so I can see them and repost to story. 


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If you have any problems crocheting, please contact me through the feedback form or leave a comment on the article.

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