Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap amigurumi

Essential crochet tools and materials:

  • Yarn: blue or black colors (I have Fibranatura cottonwood yarn, but it is better to take YarnArt Jeans) .
  • Yellow Yarn for Tassel (YarnArt Jeans #35)
  • Hook 1.75 mm.
  • Scissors


  • MR — magic ring ;
  • ch — chain;
  • sc — single crochet;
  • Ʌ — decrease (sc 2 together);
  • V — increase (2 sc in one st);
  • BLO — back loop only;
  • ( ) — repeat work between parentheses as indicated.
  • CI – 3 sc in the next one sc of the previous round.


1: 6 sc in MR = 6.

2: (V) rep 6 times = 12.

3: (sc, V) rep 6 times = 18.

4: BLO 1  sc in each stitch around = 18.

5-6: 18 sc (2 rows).

Cut the yarn.

Join the yarn to the front loops 3th round (anywhere).

1: (3 sc, CI, 4 sc, CI ) rep 2 times = 26.

2: 4 sc, CI, 6 sc, CI, 5 sc, CI, 6 sc, CI, 1 sc = 34 .

Cut the yarn.

Graduation Cap amigurumi

We will make a brush from yellow yarn, for this you need to make a twisted cord.

Cut a thread about 50 cm long and fold it in half. Put the thread on the finger and twist it clockwise from the side of the free ends until the loop on the finger becomes very tight. Now that the thread is twisted, fold it in half, a twisted cord should form. Tie the knot on the side of the free ends. Cut off the tip of the cord so that a brush forms.

twisted cord

Watch a video on how to make a twisted cord.

Using a hook, thread the resulting lace into the center of the cap and tie a knot inside.

Graduation Cap amigurumi

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  1. Hello! sorry i’m a beginner crocheter and I don’t understand the part where we join in row 4, I don’t where to join and also for the part where it says do 3 sc in the previous row? I don’t understand where to sc. a video would be super helpful! thank you so much and good job!

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