Simple crochet snowman amigurumi for beginners

A small snowman can be hung on a Christmas tree or used as a keychain. You can decorate a New Year’s and Christmas gift with such a toy. Such a snowman is crochet very quickly and easily.

Simple crochet snowman free pattern

Materials and tools for crocheting:

  • 4-ply yarn: white, orange (for nose) and red (for scarf and hat).
  • Black thread for embroidery eye.
  • Hook size 2 mm. 
  • Needle for sewing on details, scissors, thin needle for eyes embroidery.
  • Polyester stuffing.
  • Pink chalk, pastel or blush to tint cheeks (optional).


  • MR —  magic ring
  • sc — single crochet
  • slst — slip stitch
  • inc — increase, crochet 2 sc in one stitch
  • dec — invisible decrease, crochet 2 sc in front loops together
  • ch — chain stitch
  • BLO — crochet stitches back loops only
  • (…)*n  — repeat instruction in brackets n times
  • R – row/round 

PATTERN Simple snowman

R1: 6 sc in MR (6).

R2: inc*6 = 12.

R3: (sc, inc)*6 = 18.

R4: (2 sc, inc)*6 = 24.

R5: (3 sc, inc)*6 = 30.

R6: (4 sc, inc)*6 = 36.

R7-12: 36 sc (6 rounds).

R13: (4 sc, dec)*6 = 30.

R14: (3 sc, dec)*6 = 24.

R15: (2 sc, dec)*6 = 18.

R16: 18 sc.

R17: (2 sc, inc)*6 = 24.

R18: (3 sc, inc)*6 = 30.

R19: (4 sc, inc)*6 = 36.

R20-22: 36 sc (3 rounds).

R23: (4 sc, dec)*6 = 30.

R24: (3 sc, dec)*6 = 24.

R25: (2 sc, dec)*6 = 18.

Stuff the snowman.

R26: (1 sc, dec)*6 = 12.

R27: dec*6  (6).

Cut the thread, leaving a long tail. Tighten the loops: in order to do this insert the needle into the front of the loop, and then, when through all loops the thread will be skipped, tighten the loops.

Hide yarn tail inside the body.

If you want to use a snowman as a Christmas tree decoration, you can make a loop.

snowman crochet

Scarf: The simplest version of a scarf – make 95 ch, fasten and hide the threads.

crochet scarf of snowman


R1: 5 sc in MR.

R2: sc*5. 

Cut the thread, leaving a long tail. Tighten the loops. Sew on the nose with the first row, the second row is sharper.


Make 19 ch..

R1: from the second ch crochet 18 sc.

R2: ch, turn, BLO 13 sc, 5 slst.

R3:ch, turn, 5 slst, BLO 13 sc.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until the desired volume, I have crochet 34 rows in total.

Sew the hat on the side. From above, collect the loops with a needle and pull off, secure the yarn.

crochet hat of snowman toy

Embroider eyes on 22 round. Sew on the snowman’s nose. Tie the scarf 3 turns and put on the hat. Paint your cheeks with pink chalk.

Simple crochet snowman free pattern

Congratulations! The Snowman is ready 🙂

I will be glad to see your work 🙂 When you post finished toys on Instagram
give a link to my profile @zenknit_toys, so I can see them and repost to story. 


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If you have any problems crocheting, please contact me through the feedback form or leave a comment on the article.


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